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How to Stop your Dog from Barking

You go to let your dog outside because you have a few chores to do.  You would like your dogs to remain outside during the remainder of your chores. After a few minutes of being outside, your dog just keeps barking and barking. You want to leave them outside however, you know that you are just making your neighbors upset. You can change this behavior. It takes time and consistency with training. I have learned a several tips that have helped out throughout the years of owning dogs. There is not a universal tip that works for every dog. Some dogs are stubborn to one training tip while it may work on another dog.   All dogs are different, so be patient and try each tip until one works. There are several different reasons a dog might bark. They could be bored, excited, the mailman drops of mail, provoked during play, or it could be several other reasons.

1. If your dog is bored, he may need to be exercised. A tired dog has less motivation to bark. You can take them for a walk or play fetch. Around 15 minutes a day is usually enough to tire them out. This also promotes a healthy life style for your dog.

2. Teach your dog the quiet command. I have two different versions for you to try. The first is to get a aluminum or tin can filled with coins. As soon as they bark, your tell them quiet and start to shake the coins. This will startle them and they will stop barking. When they stop barking give them a "good boy". This will encourage them to stop. If they are barking, it is best to ignore your pooch. Giving them undue attention will only encourage the barking and work in a negative way,

3. The second quiet command is to get breath spray. When your dog barks you will say "quiet" to them. If your dog doesn't respond to your quiet command, you take the breath spray and squirt it in their mouth. Dogs hate the taste of breath spray. They will quickly learn that the failure to stop barking will result in breath spray. If they stop barking when you say "quiet", you can say "good boy" to them or give them a treat.

4. The last resort would be to get a electronic collar. You can get the shock collar, citronella collar, or the sound collar. I would try the citronella and noise collar to try a more humane way first.  The shock collar releases a small shock to your dog when he barks. They are usually set at a low voltage that feels like a vibration to your dog rather than a shock. The citronella collar releases citronella every time they bark. One drawback to this collar is that the citronella costs ten dollars to refill. The sound collar transmits a very high pitch sound that deters your dog from barking.

If your dog still barks after you have tried these four steps, you may need to call in a professional dog trainer. If the barking is bearable you may just have to live with it. I hope this is helpful to everyone. These tips do work. You have to be patient and consistent with your dog


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