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How to Stop Dog from Marking Territory

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A dog marking his territory is a common behavior for dogs and puppies. It is frustrating for owners to deal with. Marking will continue if not corrected at a young age. Stopping your dog from marking requires a consistent training to teach your dog where it is acceptable to urinate. Below is a few ways to deter your dog from marking.

The very first thing you need to do is to get your dog neutered. Getting your dog neutered or spayed solves marking behavior over 50 percent of the time.

The next thing i would do is to take your dog outside on a leash everytime when he needs to go to the bathroom. Keep him away from objects that he can mark such as rocks, trees, and plants, as this will only encourage him to mark more. Make him urinate somewhere in the center of your lawn.

Another way to stop him from marking around the house is to keep your dog in a crate. You have no way of observing your dog marking while you are not home.  You cannot discipline a dog unless you see him in the act of marking.

Keep an eye on your dog, not letting him out of your sight. If you catch your dog marking, you can take him to the spot and raise your voice to convey that marking is a bad behavior.

If your dog marks, tell him "NO" and clean up the urine very well. There are several products you can buy that will take out the smell and break down the urine. You don't want to use products that have ammonia in it. This will only encourage your dog to mark that spot again because it smells similar to urine.

Sometimes a dog will start to mark territory when they are stressed out. A new situation is the most common stresser for a dog. Whether it is a new baby, a new dog, another pet, or another dog that is in heat. Try to think of a reason your dog might be marking. If you can determine what is stressing out your dog you can possibly eliminate it.

Make sure you show dominance over your dog.  Some dogs that mark are trying to show dominance. There are several exercises you can do to show your dog that your are the leader of the house.

Another trick is to use a blacklight to find all dog markings to eliminate the urine scent on objects in your home. Eliminating the urine scent will help decrease your dog's marking behavior.

I hope this helps some of you. I wrote this because my dog was marking frequently. I wasn't sure what to do. I first got him neutered and this reduced the marking around 80 percent. So, i educated myself to learn what else I could do. With consistent training and watching my dog closely, i was able to eliminate the other 20 percent. He is now well trained and i am no longer continuously frustrated with him.


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